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Marine Insurance

Types of policies (* please click on to review further details):

• Marine Hull & Machinery
Covers physical loss or damage to the hull and machinery which constitute the ship itself
• Protection & Indemnity
Coverage in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising out of the ownership or operating of ships
• Freight, Demurrage & Defence
Cover against legal costs and legal assistance for a wide ranging number of disputes arising from the owning, operation, sale, purchase or building of a ship

Cargo Insurance

Types of policies :

• Marine Cargo
Coverage provided for:
• Shipment by vessel
• Sending by air
• Inland Transit
• Sending by post or courier service
Policy arrangement:
• Individual policy
• Open Cover policy
• Stock Throughput
Provides cover for all moveable goods that are the subject of the insured’s trade including raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. The goods are covered at all times whether in transit, undergoing process (although damage caused by the process is excluded) or in store at own or third party premises

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