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• Aircraft Hull & Liability
To protect against loss or damage to your aircraft; and against third party or passenger liability arising from an accident
• Airport Operators Liability
• To protect against bodily injury or property damage in or about the premises as a direct result of services granted by the airport operator
• Cover loss of or damage to Aircraft or Aircraft equipment, not owned, rented or leased by the Insured, whilst on the ground in the care, custody or control of or whilst being serviced, handled or maintained by the airport operator or any servant of the airport operator
• To protect against bodily Injury or property damage arising out of the possession, use, consumption or handling of any goods or products manufactured, constructed, altered, repaired, serviced, treated, sold, supplied or distributed by the airport operator or his employees, but only in respect of such goods or products which form part of or are used in conjunction with aircraft, and then only after such goods or products have ceased to be in the possession or under the control of the airport operator
• Pilot’s Loss of License
It will pay benefits if a pilot is no longer able or permitted to fly due to a specified medical condition
• Hangar Keeper’s Liability
Provides coverage for damage to or destruction of the aircraft of others while in the insured's custody for storage, repair, or safekeeping and while in or on the scheduled premises

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