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Employee Benefits

Understanding the needs for most employers to provide the most comprehensive benefit programme fro employee retention is our area of expertise.

As a one-stop solution porvider in all employee benefits insurance matters, we offer cost-effective consultation and tailor-made programmes to suit your company needs in the following areas (* please click on to review further details):

• Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance
Covers medical expenses whilst confined in hospital due to illness or accidental reasons
• Group Managed Care Insurance
Comprehensive coverage on Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical benefits administered by a Third Party Administrator
• Group Term Life Insurance
24 hours and worldwide coverage on death or permanent disablement due to natural and/or accidental causes
• Keyman Policy Insurance
Protects your financial interests on the lives of key Personnel
• Group Personal Accident Insurance
24 hours and worldwide coverage on death or permanent disablement due to accidental reasons
• Business Travel Insurance
24 hours and worldwide coverage for frequent travelers with high limits on medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation and personal liability
• Post Retirement Insurance
Covers medical expenses after the retirement age of 55 and up to the maximum age of 100

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