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TIIB provides unique combination of the technical expertise usually found among the larger brokers and the energy, commitment and flexibility of the smaller brokers.

Our clients have often been attracted initially by our competitiveness on price, but a key factor in our continued success has been the level of services that we have consistently delivered over time.

Our solutions protect the oil & gas companies for operational facilities such as platforms, mobile operating production units, pipelines, liabilities etc. We also arrange insurance cover for most of the major offshore construction income from our relationships and access to Lloyd’s insurance markets through our technical partner as well as leveraging worldwide market capacity.

Areas of expertise (* please click on to review further details) :

• Onshore/Offshore Construction
Cover physical loss or damage to the property whilst under construction i.e. transit, fabrication, installation, existing property, defective parts etc. including liability
• Control of Well Insurance
Provide coverage for costs or expenses incurred in regaining control of a well which are out of control as well as re-drilling cost and seepage and pollution cost
• Offshore properties
• Provide coverage for damages to upstream facilities i.e. platforms, pipelines, flowlines, manifolds etc. against perils insured e.g. Fire & Explosion, Windstorm, Vessel Impact etc. (during construction or operational)
• Equipment All Risk - Provides coverage in respect of materials and oil field equipment whilst in store or transit, including Downhole Equipment whilst in use on named perils basis
• Abandonment/Decommissioning
Cover mainly on liabilities during dismantling and removal of the offshore structures
• Business Interruption
Cover loss of production income and/or business interruption following losses recoverable under Property Damage or Control of well sections
• Comprehensive General Third Party Liability
Provide coverage in respect of Oil & Gas Operator’s legal and/or express contractual liability to third party (property damage and/or bodily injury) arising out of their operation (either during construction or operational)
• Oil in Storage
In respect of oil in store on leased tanker (FSO) and/or FPSO including offloading onto export tanker

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